Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hot to make a Jell-o

How to make a Jell-o
First you have to buy the package from the store. Then you have to get a bowl and pour the powder in the bowl. You have to make hot water. Next you have to get cold water and pour it in the bowl. Finally you have to put it outside for a few hours. Then you can finally eat the Jell-o.

!~*My trip to Anchorage*~!

The trip that I took to Anchorage was on September 18, 2007. During the trip to Anchorage we had to stop in Unalakleet. Before we went to Anchorage we stopped in St. Michael and had to pick up some people. Then we went straight to anchorage. When we got to Anchorage my mom tried to find us a room at the Quyanna House, but there was no rooms we stayed at the Red Roof Inn. The next day we went back to the hospital for my appointment. When we went to go check in at the Quyanna House there was finally got a room. We stayed in room 113. My mom would get tired of staying in the room and she would call her friend and ask if she can go pick us up and take us out. She said yeah. Then we had to go for her to come and pick us up. Then we went out riding, and go shopping. We would stay out late and didn’t go back to the room till 11:00 or 12:00am. We would go shopping at Wal-mart of Diamond center and then go riding. The last two nights before we came home we stayed at my mom’s friend’s house. On September 28, 2007 we had to go to the airport and wait for the plane and then we went to Unalakleet and wait for another plane to come and pick us up. Then we finally came home. Everyone was happy to see us.

Thursday, September 27, 2007


one day Butch took donald and i out duck hunting at Ugzie. he took us because we were at a cheap spot. when we ask him where we were going because we thought we were going to ginyak. when we were half way there he told us we were going to Ugzie. after he told us we were very happy because we thought we were going to catch a goose. when we spoted Butch told us to start walking up towards the creek. donald and i were very happy because we were by ourselves and when Butch got up to us he told us we could follow him because we were going to a good spot but then it was boring because we had to get a little wet and we were very hot. after we crossed some creeks we were tiered. we asked him if he wanted to go some where else because no geese were flying over us. about an hour later he asked us to go where the geese were flying because nothing would fly where we were. we said yes, lets go to the boat now. on our way Butch saw a crane and told me to grad his gun sohe can kill it. after he got it we went a little more down, stoped, got out of the boat. when we were walking i told them to get down because therev was geese flying towards us, but donald was waring red and scared them.

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Going to Besboro

Going to Besboro
This Island is called Besboro, on August 28, 2007, was my mom and dad’s anniversary. There was a bunch of us. There was my mom, dad, Calvin, Rosemary, Dale, Ashley, Jeremiah, Alexander, Dale JR, Kristin, Floyd, Dawson, Roy, Maude, Darren, Kylirose, and I. We had to use 2 Boats but Dale had his own boat. We had lot of fun, we had good food and there was a lot of desert. Kristin, Floyd, Rose, and I climbed Besboro and we saw a lot of seals and birds. We had to hurry up and eat because the waves were getting bigger and it was about to go on us.

There was another time we went to Besboro. This time we brought Kelly with us because my dad asks her to come. My dad didn’t take for 2 years. Kelly had a lot of fun because it was her first time at the island. Kelly, Kristin, Floyd, Rose and I climbed Besboro it was a lot of fun because we throw rock to see how far it would go. I know Kelly had fun climbing Besboro. We had to go back down because it was time to go eat. When we were back down Kristin and I had trouble through the tall grasses because they were taller then us. We had to hurry up and eat again because the waves were getting big again. I had fun because drove all the way home and you could see my trail and I went zigzagging. I have a picture of me driving the boat. My brother had to take a Break because he was tired of driving.

The one time I went to Besboro was when I went with Rhianne. Rhianne and I had a lot of fun cause we went way out there. We tried to look for Gabes crab line. Then we went to the island and Rhianne and take a little walk. Then it was time to eat and we ate rice and meat and we ate hot dogs. It was time for us to go again and we went back out there. I saw a seal and a lot of jelly fish. Rhianne and I tired to catch them. I saw another seal. Gabe tried to shot it but he missed it. Rhianne and I didn’t want to go home, but it was time for us to go home because it was getting late. It was fun going to the island.

By Kristy

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

~Egg Hunting~

Last summer my mom and dad were planning on hunting for eggs for my Papa out on the tundra. We started getting ready. My mom brought my little brother over to my Papa’s house. My dad went to borrow one of the canoes that the IRA always let people borrow. First, he brought two people across the river, then he came back and picked the other two and brought them across the river. We started to walk and look where the birds always start flying, then we would go see if there was a nest where the birds left off. If we see a nest, we would run to it and happily grab the eggs quickly like we never saw wild eggs on the tundra before.
If we weren’t able to find anymore eggs, we’d look where the birds were sitting and we would have to hop into the canoe and go to the other side of the river. When we reached the other side of the river, my little sister started to get cold. My parents said that we had to stay with Kacie by the bank until my parents were done looking for eggs. Both of us didn’t want to stay, so we tried to walk up to my dad and tell him that we want to look for eggs. Brandon and I accidentally walked on the wrong side; we walked on the muddy part. Both my legs were starting to sink. I was going to slip, but when I was about to slip, I lead out my hands on the mud. Just when my hands first touched, I said, “eww!” We started laughing. My shoe came off of my left foot and I told Brandon to grab my shoe out of the mud. I almost got stuck in the mud; luckily with Brandon’s help it was easier to get out of the mud and I was able to get out of the mud quicker than I thought.
Right when we were almost up to my parents, we saw a small pond. When we saw little jumps, we started jumping around. Them jumps are like “tussuks” but their size is a little bit bigger. Brandon started making fun of me when I was too scared to jump. I was scared to even try and jump because I thought that I would land in the dirty water. I didn’t even want to land in the mud where the pond was. I told Brandon that I couldn’t make it to the other side of the pond where he told me to jump. I tried even though I didn’t want to because I didn’t want Brandon to tell one of his friends that I wasn’t able to make it and that I was too scared. My dad told us to go see my little sister and tell her to follow us and jump around. We were soaked and wet. Jumping around took us at least a half hour for all three of us. I was the wettest and the dirtiest person while we were there. Both my sweater and my thin jacket were muddy. The only part of Brandon that was wet and muddy was his feet and part of his ankles. When my parents finished looking for the eggs, we told them what happened while we were in the mud. We also told them what happened when we were jumping on the tussuks. One of the little jumps that Brandon and I tried to jump were the ones that I couldn’t jump. I was too scared to jump off of some of them because I thought I would land in the pond. I didn’t want to land in the pond because I didn’t want to get wetter and dirtier than I was when we were jumping around and when we were in the mud. I felt so dirty I really wanted to take a shower badly. I couldn’t wait to take a shower when we were getting ready to go home. I started laughing at my parents because they said that we would make it home the next morning. We made it home after midnight like around 1 o’clock in the morning. When we got home, my little sister told us that she heard Brandon and I laughing while we were trying to get out of the mud. We had fun when we were playing in the mud. I want to find that place where we were jumping on the tussuks. I wish that could happen again this coming summer when egg-hunting season starts!

Story by Chelsea

Seal Hunting

The places that people hunting for seal are by Cape Denbeigh, Besboro, Old Site, and along the ice or on it. When the students are in school, their dad or brother takes them on subsistence leave to go hunting.
The smell of the air it is fresh. The look of outside is beautiful, gorgeous, and magnificent while hunting it is cold when going fast as the motor can go. Once in a while the wind will be warm.
The first catch we get out of the animals we eat we give them to the elders because is an old tradition and they say that we will get good luck. Plus it is still a tradition today. The sealskin is used for mittens, gloves, slippers, and seal oil.
This is how to shoot a gun; first you have to load the right kind of bullets in the clip. Then you put the stock against your shoulder, than aim at the target and take it off safety and fire.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

We went out boating

I have been to Cape Denbiegh to go on a picnic. My family and I would play games like tag or race. Melvin, my Auntie Doll, Uncle Jimmy, and I took a walk to find bones or stuff. we'd would go in the boat and go behind denbeigh to pick berries or find bones.

My Uncle Jimmy would always look for moose or bear. My Uncle said he saw a bull moose and two bears. So my papa went to go get his 30-06 rifle and me a 22 magnum. My papa said,"lets go sneak the moose,"so we did. My papa caught the moose so we went to get a long piece of wood to mark it so we don't loose it. We went back to the boat and got a knife.

Raymond, Melvin, Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Doll, my papa, and I went back to the camp and showed my Mom, Edward, Bub , Uncle Bill, and Auntie Shine.